Sunday, January 29, 2012

Makes You Think

Tragedy sparked really close to home today. There was a massive pile up, leaving 10 dead, and many more in the hospital. The road was so foggy, even after rescuers arrived, they couldn't see the people they wanted to help, they could only hear their screaming. You can read the details here. The only tangible effect on me was that it took longer to get home, as all the traffic from I-75 was rerouted directly onto my road. It's crazy to think about though, I've driven that road so many times when visibility was really low, coming up on cars I had no idea were there until I was nearly on top of them. I was always cautious, but... 10 dead, that is crazy, a lot of people just on a Sunday morning drive. Can you imagine being one of the people that saw what was coming on and got out of their car, walked a ways, and walked right into a horror scene? Cars on fire and smoking, people screaming and crying. Yikes. My thoughts are with everyone who was effected today. Those still in the hospital, the families and friends that have to bury their loved ones, and those who witnessed something they won't soon forget. Cherish life EVERY day, every minute. You never, ever know when it's your time.

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